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Lead Generation

Real Leads by i-9 is a highly efficient and effective marketing solution for generating, capturing and managing home buyer/seller leads. Our Real Leads program is for the broker or agent that wants to focus on what they do best (sell properties). Manage potential business in your sales funnel with Insightly and:

  • Manage pipelines and associated activity sets
  • Create opportunities to define the value of your business
  • Determine probability of winning and forecast close dates

With Insightly sales tracking, a small business can better leverage and organize its resources and gain better results

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Main Features

Set To-Do

Using our fancy dashboard you can easily set to do tasks like Call,Text,Email and even you can assign a member to it. It is so easy and fast. Just set and forget. Our advanced system will notify to the assigned person regarding the task. You can easily close the leads.

Send Text

Send a text message instantly to any lead from your dashboard by selecting pre defined templates or by writing your own text. Our advanced lead generation system delivers it very fast.

Add note

Do you have a note about the lead? You can add notes and let lender know it. You can assign an agent or lender to that note.


Our robust lead generation system helps you to organize and identify the call status of the leads easily. You can share this information with lender by clicking of a check box.

New email

Send an email to your lead instantly by using the predefined email templates or by writing your own through our simple email composing system.


Keep an eye on your users favorites home lists with our awesome favourites feature. This will help you to close more deals efficiently.


Let your leads know that you have new homes in your basket. Send an e-alerts to all your leads instantly about the new listings in your website.

Wordpress Powered Website

The WordPress real estate website makes browsing your listings easy, and adds special integration features for property info, photos, Google Maps and more. Help increase sales by establishing an elegant and professional online presence today.

  • Perpetual Updates
  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Complete Localization

;ead generation

Seller Lead Generation Tool

Seller lead generation tool will help the agents to easily organize the sell properties from a beautiful dashboard.

Recent Views
Agents can easily identify the recent views for their property from seller lead generation tool.

It's very easy to know the history of a property from seller lead generation tool.

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You can see all your properties in one place with elegant property images, price and status of the properties. We made it more easy for you to manage the big listings with advanced filters and sorting functions.


You can see the top searched properties of users. This will help you to push those properties to users when they are searching for properties.

Saved Searches History
Users has an advantage to save their favorite property from among the list. This will help the agents to easily capture the users buying behavior which will help the agent to close the lead even more fast.

Visitor Search History
This will enable you to see the most searched properties by the visitors. So agents can easily understand that what kind of property are more liked by visitors

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