About Us

Who We Are

We are the real estate website builders and IDX/CRM solutions provider based in Baltimore, MD with team members working around the country. We provide full service solutions for your real estate planning and delivery needs. We established to provide an unparalleled service to the Real Estate Agents, Homeowners, and Lenders.

We are rapidly growing into one of USA's leading providers of home ownership services by putting the interest of clients first. Along with our service partners, we are committed to bringing you the highest level of service available.

We address the fact that change is constant, and looks beyond the here and now, strategically taking organizations into their own distinct future. We believe through our expertise, you are empowered to execute real estate decisions with confidence.

Why I-9 Technologies? We truly believe that there is a better way to plan and make the right real estate decisions. We know as your organization may ebb and flow with real estate projects and change, you need a knowledgeable resource to depend on. We take this responsibility seriously and is exemplified through our enthusiasm and commitment to you.

We are flexible. We work with you as an extension of your existing team, or as a leader to address unresolved obstacles. Our team is assemble with diverse education, experience and skill sets in strategic thinking, design, architecture, construction, finance, project management and more. Our certified designers, planners, and project managers have vast experience working with a team and communicating with the involved stakeholders. We are dedicated problem-solvers that work to understand the specific requirements of your organization and its people. You will take comfort in knowing you have the right people in place with a strong I-9 team supporting their efforts.

Our Skills

Web Design 86%
SEO Optimisation 65%
Marketing & PR 76%